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Reinforcing Steel


Here at True Steel we take home renovation seriously! We are here to take care of your investment as our own, because that is what a home is. Your home will become our home. Our staff here will be delighted to take care of ALL your home renovation needs.



● Metal Siding
Please contact · Steel and metal siding products are some of the most durable and easy to maintain options on the market. - No need to worry about cracking, chipping or warping. They are also completely pest resistant and fire retardant when compared to other options. - Reflective coating directs the UV rays from the Sun away from your home or business, keeping your interior cooler and reducing the amount of time your A/C is running. On the flip side, darker colours will absorb the Suns rays and help keep your home warm in the winter months.

● Interior/Exterior Custom Wood Work
Get in touch with us! Free estimates! · Stunning and professional custom wood work for any area of your home or business. From beautiful hand rails and gorgeous new shelving to aesthetically pleasing new outdoor decks, custom kitchen cabinetry and much more.

● Kitchen Renovations
Price varies. · The Kitchen is the heart of the home. We know how much time we spend in ours and want you to feel great about doing the same. It's not only a place to cook and eat your daily meals. It's a place where budding artists display their work, a room where good report cards are pinned to the fridge. It is where we gather, talk about our days, play cards and have tea. Whatever you do in your kitchen is your business. Making sure that it's a Kitchen you love... THAT'S our business!

● Bathroom Projects
Please contact! · Lets face it, some of us spend a lot more time in the bathroom than others. That being said, we all use them every day. Do you need a new bathroom vanity?


Maybe you are tired of looking at that old bathroom tile or you have a tub surround that doesn't exactly look as fresh as it once did. Get in touch with us for a free estimate!

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